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The 2019 Port Chatham Alaska Bigfoot Expedition

May 26th thru 30th of 2019 

Yes indeed, we will be heading back to Port Chatham/Portlock Alaska again this coming May 26th thru 30th of 2019.  Join us as we travel back to the "Abandoned Town in Alaska that People Stay Far Far Away From."

This is a thrilling 5 day 4 night ship based Expedition which is all inclusive from our departure point of Homer Alaska.  Don't miss this incredible opportunity to travel to one of the most remote, majestic, and mysterious places on the planet- in pursuit of the legendary "Hairy Man" (aka Bigfoot) of Southwest Alaska! 

If you would like to join one of the 2019 Port Chatham Bigfoot Expedition Teams, please go to our Register for an Expedition page and complete the registration process.


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Films by Extreme  Expeditions Northwest, LLC

"In Search of the Port Chatham Hairy Man"


Port Chatham aka -Portlock, Alaska is often referred to as the "Abandoned town in Alaska that people stay far far away from."- and with good reason.

Beginning in the 1920's thru to 1950 a number of unexplained deaths and disappearances befell the residents of this remote picturesque fishing town. At the same time, many residents reported sightings of, (and often times violent encounters with) a large, hairy, man like creature known in legend as the "Hairy Man" (aka Bigfoot) stalking the surrounding hills and valleys of the Port Chatham area.

Ultimately, in 1950, due to the persistent terror inflicted upon the community by the terrifying "Hairy Man" the residents of this once peaceful community hastily abandoned the town- never to return.

In September of 2018 Stephen T, Major of Extreme Expeditions Northwest, LLC led a research team into Port Chatham in a first ever attempt to obtain definitive proof of the existence of the of the Legendary "Hairy Man". This film is the story of that historic Expedition.


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